I was driving in my vehicle over the weekend…scanning the radio for a song to dance to and heard this…

The tune isn’t one to really “shake my groove thing” to but…I was definitely able to get into the music.  So, I didn’t switch the station.  Every time I hear Kirk Franklin’s SMILE…I find so many reasons to do just that SMILE.

The lyrics are so compelling for they speak to a number of realities.  If your situation isn’t referenced than its easy for you to personally insert a concern anywhere you wish.  I will insert office and work matters…because my purpose is to keep you in a positive head space.

I encourage you to put on a happy face!  Whatever career challenges and setbacks you face…I want you to smile and grin like you are THE JOKER.  Lock your face into a smile so tight that your cheeks hurt. Know this.  Obstacles build character…teach us incredible life lessons…and truly make us better people.  Now…smile already!


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  1. Just makes you wanna SMILE!!

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