Overwhelmed with tasks? Send them off!

What’s up with those balloons?

I’ll get back to those…but I have another question for you.

Have you ever noticed how the demands of work, professional responsibilities, and personal obligations create chaos in your life?  It’s not uncommon for us to take on additional tasks, pursue exciting ventures and maintain our personal lives…because we have plans for growth.  And we want to do it all!  Then the chaos erupts when we don’t allocate the appropriate time, consideration and positive energy into tasks and projects.  Those of us who are task-oriented or task-masters feel tremendous amount of pressure to get the job done and do it to the best of our ability.

In every realm of our lives…there are hopes, dreams, desires and possibilities.  So, rather than focus on the stress associated with each task…be it work related…or personal- professional endeavors focus on the inspirational aspects of your goals.

What You Need/Materials

  • an open mind
  • energy
  • creativity
  • assorted balloons
  • markers


  • compile a list of stressful tasks
  • frame the tasks as hopes…dreams…desires…and possibilities
  • write the results on the balloons or small sheet of paper and tape it the balloons.
  • design an action plan on how to sustain that hope…achieve your dream and desire…and make possibilities realities


And when you’re ready send them off into the universe!


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