Month: June 2012

Was it THAT serious?

I went FROM Television TO Organizational Development. A few weeks ago…I took a stroll down memory lane with my first love.  I was looking at some of my most treasured photos featuring news stories, behind (television production, field reporting) the scenes,… Read More ›

Managing Great Expectations

Expectation is defined as the act or state of looking forward to something.   Anticipation, hope, and trust are all affirmative words synonymous with expectation.  Throughout the course of our careers…we tend to have great expectations.  When those great expectations don’t happen in the… Read More ›


BE colorful TAKE risks GENERATE inner creativity DESIGN your dream house STEP out of your comfort zone BUILD connections JUMP start your new career SEEK clarity TRANSFORM your thinking PUT values into action BE the change you desire BE resilient 

VOODOO That You Do

Think about the last time you were in the presence of a professional in her element.  And thought to yourself wow she is a rockstar!  A rockstar in her professional arena…not necessarily an entertainer on stage.  An educator in the… Read More ›


I was driving in my vehicle over the weekend…scanning the radio for a song to dance to and heard this… The tune isn’t one to really “shake my groove thing” to but…I was definitely able to get into the music.  So,… Read More ›