How (Baking) Eggplant Brings Joy!

I made one of the best self discoveries a number of years ago.  A self discovery that does wonders for my mental.  Baking brings me joy.  Oh the joy that this baked eggplant casserole brought for Sunday dinner…

An exorbitant amount of this joy isn’t so wondrous for my physique.  Therefore, I tend to bake in moderation.  But, from the moment I find the perfect recipe…to dicing all the vegetables…to adding the tomato sauce…to sprinkling a mixture of seasonings…to smoothing the dish…I’m in a world of my own.

I envision a perfect world of healthy organizations…where everyone believes in change agents…resistance to change is low…employee engagement is high and people champion for each other.  And I try to determine how I could help facilitate this…

So, I continue to brainstorm segments (as my mind is clear) while preparing the eggplant casserole for the oven…

and I experiment with ingredients.

More of my thoughts begin to gel.

As the contents of the dish marinate on the stove…

I start to rise with expectation.

After the dish is cooked…baked for about 20 minutes I admire what’s been created.

When it cools down…I eagerly test the product to see how well it turned out.

The key words: experiment, gel, marinate, rise, admire, and test.  Baking is a process.  Creating is a process.  We all have different processes.

So, baking and baked eggplant casserole may not be something that gets your creative juices flowing.  Is there something that brings you joy?  Where you dream of being a better you? And delivering better services?  How can you start creating more of that joy today?


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4 replies

  1. Good blog, thanks for share this article with us

  2. I sincerely thank you for stopping by and providing feedback!

  3. I like your analogy Torri. You are right, there’s something about putting a dish or meal together that stimulates the thought processes and generates creative ideas.

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