Stranger Danger

If you are dealing with any and or all of these issues on the job…

  • Chronic breakdowns in communication.
  • Misinterpreting tasks and job functions.
  • Isolation from various units.
  • Strained relations with customers and clients.
  • Difficulty identifying with the culture of organization.
  • Loss of internal support systems.
  • Inability to adapt to changes within the organization.

Then YOU my friend are in…

I call it “Stranger Danger” for you are a outsider in your own organzation.  Whenever there are persistent problems associated with inclusion, positioning, production, and coalition building…you are in a toxic environment.  The causes are in part due to poor system fits and organizational politics.  Depending on the longetivity and severity of the situation…these issues can lead to negative outcomes.  Just look at how this guy is wrapped in a quandary.

This can contribute to the death of the organization.  There is a way to breathe new life in the organization.


How do we do that?

Through a hybrid of change methods.

Questions on Diagnosis, Intervention, or Stranger Danger? Drop me a line.


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