Click “Refresh”

Have you ever experienced technical difficulty with your computer or cellular device?  It happens at the most inopportune time.  That troubling moment when you attempt to access data on your computer, twitter, face book accounts…and the screen is frozen.  Or maybe it just releases old facts.  As long as the device is inactive you are losing…losing patience, losing time, losing information, losing productivity, and losing opportunities to accomplish something else.

Then you realize the power lies in the refresh button.  Seeking power to restore…you navigate through the device to find and click on the “refresh” button.  The purpose of the “refresh” button is to update or recharge a device with new information.  It takes seconds to load new data.  Now there you are breathing a sigh of relief just because you simply tapped that “refresh” button.

Fascinating how workplace roles reflect that of technology.   Sometimes we’re stuck on the same screen for long periods of time.  Just stationary.  Wasting time.  Not downloading any pertinent information to move forward.  Or we’re missing opportunities to advance up the career ladder.  It could be that we fail to innovate.  Perhaps, it’s time to tap that internal “refresh” button.  We are equipped with a “refresh” button…or inner motivator.  It enables us to become newer and fresher.  The key is figuring out how to revive your presence to become a better professional.

Now is the time to click your refresh button.  I’m here to help you navigate through this process.  How can I help you become reenergized in the workplace?


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