4 Signs Your Heart Isn’t In Your Job

Interesting how the signs of “love loss” are always there.  Yet…you don’t really pay attention to the signs early on.  Falling in and out of love with your job is really no different than a relationship.  Slowly but surely that special person who had the amazing ability to make you feel so alive…now suffocates you.  And you find yourself desperately gasping for air.  Sadly, air is space…from that person.  Or in this case your job.

Sometimes falling out of love with work is inevitable.  A big part of it is due to that word we hear a lot of: change.  The world is rapidly changing.  Organizations are constantly changing to sustain growth and viability.  The elements you once loved about your work have changed.  And you’ve changed too.  The thrill is gone.  Here are four signs that your heart isn’t in your job:

1. No longer believing in the organization.  Your name is on the employee roster.  But, you have little to no confidence in your organization.  The culture is foreign.  Gone are the days of you flashing and passing your business cards to people touting all the wonderful news about your organization.

2. Excessive Absenteeism and Tardiness.  Finding any and every reason to take time off the job by scheduling appointments, making mundane matters urgent and calling in sick.  If you do go to work…the arrival time is later and later.  Any diversion will do.  Stopping at a coffee shop.   Having idle chatter with any and everybody.

3. Low Motivation. Making good on job requirements with a dearth of excitement.   You’ve lost the drive to take on additional tasks and contribute suggestions.  For eight hours or so…you’re going through the motions of your day without actually having emotions.

4. Being a loner. Rejecting lunch invitations from co-workers.  You opt to spend your breaks isolated from people at your job.  In fact, you spend most of your time thinking about your situation and questioning your purpose.

The signs are there.  You’re officially at a professional crossroad.   Your heart is no longer in your job.  Do you throw in the towel?  In this economy…ABSOLUTELY NOT if you haven’t landed a new position! There’s a not so subtle hint: maybe it is time for you to seek employment elsewhere.

I encourage you to do something.  Yes.  Even though the organization has changed.  Yes.  Even though you have changed… rediscover all the things that made you fall in love with the organization in the first place.  You know what pulled at your heartstrings.   So, what was it?  When your heart is in it…you can identify hundreds of reasons you’re in love.  I encourage you to go back to the beginning…



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  1. This one was right on time! I really enjoyed it!!

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