My Love Is Your Love

Had planned to write on one topic…but heard the sweet echo of the incomparable Whitney Houston singing “My Love Is Your Love” in my ear.  Something in my inner core just kept pushing me to write…right from the title of that track.  In essence…my love is your love.

My love is your love­-having the freedom to choose and work the field that brings joy and gratification.

My love is your love-adding value to our organizations with special gifts.

My love is your love-diving into an assignment and making it blossom into a remarkable piece of work.

My love is your love-being among our peers speaking shop talk and forging connections.

My love is your love-tackling difficult tasks and having the fortitude to deliver.

My love is your love-having our voices heard.

My love is your love-being authentic and not the clone of someone else.

My love is your love-finding and nurturing trusted relationships with colleagues.

My love is your love-being appreciated for all that we do.

My love is your love-that great sense of pride you feel knowing your work makes a difference.

My love is your love-working under a leader who values and supports our ideas.

My love is your love-making inspirational music by strategically or organically arranging work to harmonize with our organizations.


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  1. I love it! I love the way you. Broke it down! 👍

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