OD! Who Knew?

In this post…I hope to evoke some organizational development practices, concepts, and ideas for your consideration.

In various realms of our lives…we have enlightening moments.   There are moments when we uncover important facts about a subject or situation.  A conversation or connection with someone may lead to one of those widely touted “aha” moments.  If the moments are really defining we walk away asking ourselves or someone a question.   Who knew?

In today’s complex business climate…there’s a great need for organizational development practitioners and external consultants.  We are the inquisitive people who appear at your place of employment during critical periods of the year.   As outsiders, we try to find out what’s occurring inside company walls by having you participate in a number of events, activities, and assessments.  That’s organizational development …a planned effort to magnify the organization.  Who knew?

One of the best lessons I’ve learned…organizations and organizational development concepts are ubiquitous.  Organizations appear as the following: businesses, institutes, groups, associations and parties.  All the aforementioned types of organizations require visions, missions, goals, and strategies to successfully function.  Concepts such as organizational change occur when practitioners set out to alter the vision, mission or goals of the company.  That change may indirectly or directly impact your workplace duties, departmental services and future with the company.  Who knew?

Organizational development has significant influence in your life.  In the office.   At home.  Businesses you support.  Products you swear by.  Organic foods you can’t live without.  Delectable desserts you crave.  There is great emphasis placed on delivering quality goods and services that appeal to you as customer and how well companies can better satisfy you.  Companies want and need your feedback.  Ever thought about why stores frequently send surveys to you?  Hummm.  Most will persuade you to participate in a survey by offering a discount on your next visit.  That’s organizational development.  Who knew?

Transactions, deals, negotiations, processes, conversations, mediations and relationships are some of the many activities we take part in everyday.  Each time you interact with others concepts like listening, self awareness, patience, understanding, respect, self regulation, communication, flexibility, trust, and empathy come into play.  Think about the conflicts and challenges that erupt when it is perceived that others don’t listen to or understand something you’ve attempted to communicate.  That’s organizational development.  Who knew?

Here are some examples of organizational change efforts designed to enhance customer satisfaction.

  • Utility companies: Getting a letter in the mail from the president of the gas or water company notifying you about new policies and procedures regarding customer service complaints.  This represents a change in process to better serve you as a customer.
  • Transportation organizations:  Changes in bus or train routes to eliminate long trips and reduce the time it takes for you to reach your destination.  That represents an operational plan to improve services for passengers.
  • Grocery stores:  Having the option to use self checkout to pay for merchandise instead of waiting in a long line is all of part of huge organizational enhancement push to provide you with efficient and quality services.

Imagine that.   As you work behind or in front the scenes everyday to augment your organization…recognize and appreciate how experts are constantly crafting strategies to provide you with improved services.  That’s organizational development.  Who knew?  You do.  Now you’re in the know! 


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  1. Nice to see your work as a fellow HR/OD practitioner. I’ll be following your blog as well. Take care!

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