Lightening the Load

I can hear Jennifer Hudson belting out the lyrics “it’s a new day” and while “I’m feeling good” today…that’s not necessarily the case every day.  As passionate and motivated as I am…I sometimes work on low energy.  That’s because some of the foods and decadent desserts I love most weigh me down.

Over the years, I haven’t had the best eating habits.  Some of the things I’m about to write may make physicians and dieticians cringe. I rarely eat breakfast.  I’m slightly obsessed with junk food.   I must confess to having a thing for energy drinks, sodas…especially dark sodas.  Sometimes.  Just sometimes my first meal or beverage of the day may include a bag of chips and a pepsi.  I look at everything in my life from an organizational development lens.  It wasn’t until I conducted diagnosis and assessments that I discovered how the issue began.  The surveys said: fast paced television news schedule…years ago.

My day would fluctuate depending on breaking news, booking interviews, assignments and meeting multiple deadlines.  Work roles and news changes from minute to minute.   Many days I worked on nothing but hunger for the business…and a thirst to better my craft.  Most days there is little to no time for lunch…it’s the nature of the beast.  And I LOVED EVERY ASPECT OF IT! I loved working down to the minute.   It’s a thrill being immersed in ever changing news.  So, I’d grab a burger and fries on the road…in between news assignments or eat snacks from the vending machine.  Added to this…I wasn’t physically active. Yikes.

The eating habits drained my body of its energy.  I was carrying a heavy load…due to the bad foods I consumed.  I’d often be listless to the point where the speed of my productivity significantly decreased.  There were times when I couldn’t hustle or run down the highway fast enough chasing an accident on the highway.  Now granted.   I’m not a track star…but given my age I should have been able to move and work more expeditiously without huffing and puffing.

Putting my poor eating habits on the table allowed me to identify a number of lessons.  First…I needed to recognize those eating habits were getting the best of me.  I’m more effective and efficient doing my job…without having to rely on sodas or energy drinks to make it through the day.  When we have jobs that are fast paced, demanding, and highly active we must make necessary changes to bolster our growth.

While my profession has changed…from television to organizational development…I still have some of the same job functions.  I still interact with and interview people on the job.  Whereas my news shows were 30 minutes…my seminars and workshops are sometimes 120 minutes with multiple activities and dialogue.  So it serves me no purpose to consume heavy and fatty foods.  I’m now very cognizant of how eating habits affect my performance. Therefore, I eat fruit before heading into a seminar.  And I keep a water bottle handy as I facilitate.

I’m starting a new diet.  When I eat lighter… my head is clearer. When my head is clear…I have fresher ideas.  The quality of my delivery is even much better. That’s an essential part of public speaking…speaking.  I’m quicker on my toes.  Also I’m able to accomplish more tasks…in a shorter time period.  We owe it to ourselves…the organizations and people we serve to enhance our output.  There is always opportunity for growth in our careers…meaning we can always identify crucial areas to change.

I have until this point neglected to mention that my diet is restricted to fish, vegetables, fruits and water.  This is a process.  But, I’m committed to slowly lightening the load.  Are you ready to lighten your load?


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