Working in DeLIGHT

Have you ever held down a job that brought sheer delight?  Sure you have.  You just have to search the corners of your mind and identify that one position…that really resonated with you.  And inspired you to become a better professional and human being.

In essence…it’s meaningful work that doesn’t feel mechanical.  You don’t clock in everyday on schedule and watch the clock incessantly for eight hours…waiting to clock out.  Rather… you arrive for what seems like a special appointment that brings you face to face with your dreams.  And each day gives you a new opportunity to carry out different aspects of your dreams.  When the things you imagine become a reality…it feels like your head is in the clouds.  You see yourself riding a never ending colorful rainbow with each task.

If you have a good number of years known as “working experience” under your belt…then you’re seasoned enough to distinguish that one post in your career that was in harmony with your aspirations.  It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re currently in the same position…the number of years it’s been…nor does it matter if you’re even in the same industry.  It happened. You can still feel those memorable moments.

I’m fully aware that it’s a new calendar year…and you may be persuaded to mentally erase such moments…especially if you’ve switched careers…or you are without work in this struggling economy.   If I can stoke this topic…I’d encourage you to relive some of the moments of pleasure…or what we organizational development practitioners call job satisfaction.  Reliving those moments can help you refocus and redefine your career.

Relive the feeling.  What a feeling.  It’s the feeling of rising each morning anxious not to tackle assignments…but to embrace work with open arms.   With each challenge…you find yourself more allured to work.  Motivation thrusts productivity higher and higher…to the point where you are eager to do more and learn how to better do your job.

This level of enthusiasm and alignment makes you more flexible and open to possibilities.  Because you are open to possibilities…inspiration comes from peculiar places.  It’s amazing to discover new elements to love about your work.  All of a sudden… you start to get those feelings of love…passion… and excitement all over again. These feelings are akin to those you get when you delight in the love of a relationship with a special person.   While in this euphoric state…we are encouraged to do more to strengthen our relationship.  That’s the way we are with our vocations.  Being in love with a craft pushes us to present our best work.

I was reminded of this level of sensation last week.  A leader at an institution of higher education contacted me to design a leadership development curriculum.   It’s all in an effort to train, support, and bolster leaders at the organization.  From the moment I started to develop the eight session program, create and plan activities…I found myself levitating.  I was overjoyed to design and present a program that would augment the professional and personal lives of their employees and the organization. I walked away from that meeting on cloud nine.  There’s a lesson here…use your work inspiration as a driving force to create the level of impact and life you desire!


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